Spiritual Gaming F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you mean by "gaming"?

We do not limit gaming. Gaming can be board, dice, cards, string, TCGs, RPG, MUDs, chase, video, and much, much more.

For a list click here partial game list.

If you are still confused about the full scope of games, try this wonderful quote from Bernie DeKoven's must have book The Well-Played Game:

"For me, the concept of games embraces those activities we know most clearly to be games: —football, cat's cradle, gin rummy, peek-a-boo. These are clearly games. Eating, making love, walking, reading, though they can be done playfully, though they can even be found as parts of some games, aren't, in themselves, games. I consider a game to be something that provides us with a common goal, the achievement of which has no bearing on anything that is outside the game. Winning at checkers does not make you a better lover."

What do you mean by "spiritual" in this context?

The essence of spirituality is the fundamental notion that we are more than an accumulation of ingrained behavioral responses engendered by genetics and nurturing. And, that this certain something or other has access and experience beyond the biological machine.

The something or other mentioned above is called by many different names. Fortunately, the name of the thing is not the thing itself, so it seems easy enough to allow different folks to call this something or other by different names. And thus, we can get down to the business of supporting exploration of these realms without getting bogged down in nomenclature.

In respect to the wondrous diversity through which this belief has expressed itself in words, thoughts, and teachings, we shall allow the definition of "spiritual" to remain fuzzy. We don't have to agree on the exact nature of the Amazon River in order to go on an expedition to explore it. However, we should have some vague notion about its existence before hopping on a boat to head off and explore it.

What is Spiritual Gaming?

Spiritual Gaming could be defined as the use of gaming in the service of spiritual goals. These goals could be exploration, study, training, service, or other as yet unguessed at activities.

The general study of Spiritual Gaming is not restricted to any particular spiritual orientation. A kind of one size fits all.

Spiritual Gaming is a concept whose time has come. It is broader than any particular spiritual religion, affiliation, school or belief system, and its potential transcends individual considerations.

What is the purpose of SpiritualGaming.com?

SpiritualGaming.com was established to explore and promote the use of games in spirituality.

Games have been used effectively for self-study, group work, trainings, workshops, counseling, meditations, and even spiritual service.

This year we shall be concentrating on all aspects of group games.

What kinds of game? All kinds of games.

There is a wealth of known and yet to be discovered uses for games in the realm of spirituality. If you'd like to come along on this grand adventure, you are more than welcome to hop aboard. There's plenty of room and all are guaranteed to have a splendid time.

This website shall be expanding dramatically during the next month as more, and more, people and materials come on line. Check back often, and if you care to lend a hand Please Contact Us.