About Us

The contributing staff of SpiritualGaming.com is growing. While each writer/editor/reviewer brings their own unique flavor to the brew, which is SpiritualGaming.com, there are several common characteristics.

Contributors tend to have a strong background in spirituality, gaming, the arts, and (surprisingly) the sciences.

In terms of spirituality, we have a wide array of interests covered. Everything from Zen Buddhist to Gurdjieff to Judaic to Wicca to The Goddess to Druid to "damned if I'll put a name on it" and even a few Catholics. From the spiritual side, this is definitely a multifaceted, albeit eclectic, group.

When it comes to gaming, you'll find each and everyone of the staff to be dedicated gamers. This includes everything from table games to video games. We love all types. We happen to be very picky about the games we play. But, we will definitely give any genre a chance.

However, in addition to game players, you'll find several game designers on staff at SpiritualGaming.com. This may be from inclination or necessity. Fact is, at the moment there are precious few games well suited to spiritual gaming. There are some, but there is vast room for further development. Hence, you'll find several staff members actively involved in generating video games and table games.

When it comes to the arts, we are in hog heaven. Sculptors, painters, digital artists, 3D designers, musicians, engineers, and just about any other art form you care to mention.

Something which might be a little surprising at first glance is the deep training in the sciences and healing arts that much of our staff brings to the table. We have a chemist, a neurosurgeon, a biologist or two, several physicists, a couple doctors (MD types), a molecular biophysicist, several RNs, an energy healer, a therapist, and a gaggle of homeopaths. Who knew?

If we'd planned it, it could not have worked out better.